The Plight of the Engineer

Mothers prefer doctors. Fathers prefer athletes. Lovers prefer drummers. Girlfriends prefer artists. Friends prefer lawyers. Relatives prefer accountants. Kids prefer firefighters. So who, exactly, prefers engineers? *

The truth is that most science and engineering types are socially awkward in a way that only Chuck Lorre could capture. The difference of course is that television characters are tolerable — and maybe even cute — in twenty-two minute segments. It’s living and interacting with an engineer on

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I lost the battle, and the war.

I have had to disable comments on this blog because despite repeated efforts by the Wordpress community to thwart them, the spam artists are perpetually one step ahead of the game. Since there are no active readers (or writers, to be fair) anymore, I find this to be a win-win situation.

I just purged something in the neighborhood of 30,000 comments this afternoon. I started the process very prescriptively to avoid deleting any real comments but

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